Dr. Greg Peterson has been an invaluable resource throughout my practice growth and I had the privilege of working alongside him in his office during my last few terms in school. Although I had a rapidly growing knowledge of nutrition and functional medicine, it was there I was introduced to his vast knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, and especially laboratory diagnostic work. Because of this knowledge, he was able to gain the patient’s trust as their provider (and still does to this day).
Nutrition is a quickly-changing field and if we as practitioners do not keep up with those changes, we will be left in the dark as our patients seek preventative care from other providers. Dr. Peterson is one to keep up on the emerging field of clinical nutrition to help the practitioners and patients he serves.

-Dr. Zachary Watkins The Livewell Clinic

I am a licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Minnesota and have been working with patients here for 25 years. Several years ago I decided to get serious about recommending supplements for my patients and studied with Dr. Peterson taking his WITHOUT A DOUBT SERIES twice. This was a practice-changing event for me, I became very confident in what to offer my patients and why the products I was using would work. The combination of what the products were meant to help with and how to test them on my patients helped my patients know they were not just reading an article and start taking something that was supposed to be good for them. I can’t tell you how many of my patients have emailed me with ” I don’t like to take supplements but these actually work “. Another aspect of my training with Dr. Peterson is how responsive he is to any question I have about products, lab tests, or strange reactions my patients have to Biotic products or detox questions, I shoot him an email and have a response within minutes or at the very longest he gets back to me the same day. I am truly grateful for my relationship with Dr. Peterson he is very knowledgeable as well as a very caring healer.

-Ned A Holle L.Ac.

I have found Dr. Greg Peterson to be a wealth of knowledge. His willingness to share the information has allowed me to further help my patients to regain their health through functional medicine. He has opened a whole new way to practice for me. If you are interested in having certainty in your practice, Dr. Peterson can and will help you.

-Dr. Mark Steenerson DC

My name is Joseph Buishas. I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist in the state of Illinois and sit on the license peer review committee as appointed by the governor of the state. I have been in the health field for 30 years and the nutrition field for 25 years. I only say these things to inform you that I have an understanding of the complexity of complementary health care. I recommend Dr. Greg Peterson without reservation. He has been an avid student, attending postgraduate seminars for the past 30 years. He has completed one of the most rigorous nutrition courses in the country called the internal medicine diplomat. Even though Dr. Peterson’s passion is the biochemistry of why things work, he uses a balanced and patient-centered approach with his clients. As a family man and strong Christian, you can expect integrity and common sense as he shares his experiences in natural health care.

-Joe Buishas CCN, LDN

Dr. Greg Peterson is the ideal representative I have had the opportunity to work with. His chemical background plus his chiropractic degree makes him the most knowledgeable individual when it comes to his own product line and laboratory test interpretation. He’s insightful with good judgment in regard to physical symptoms. He’s very accessible and makes himself available by email, phone, or personal visit. He is always there….ready to serve. They just don’t come any better!!

-Dr. Jay P. Wilson, DC


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