A Step-By-Step Guide

For When Your Trusted Protocols Don’t Work

The majority of the patients entering a functional nutrition medical practice will get better just by doing the basics.But what about those that don’t improve, what do you do then?

Or what do you do for those patients that have already failed at multiple functional medical practices?

Would you like to have improved clinical results and decreased expenses for your patients? How about increased patient referrals?  How about increased patient referrals? Learn what you can do right away Monday morning to make a difference in your patients and the health of your community!

Whether you are just beginning to treat patients, or you are a seasoned veteran, this seminar will greatly enhance your practice and your own personal health. This seminar is for clinicians who really want to take care of sick people and transform the lives of those they have the privilege of treating. What a great feeling helping patients with tough issues get better.

In this seminar/workshop you will learn quick, effective methods of testing to demonstrate to you and the patient with confidence that:

  • There is a nutritional need-Without A Doubt…
  • You have identified that need-Without A Doubt…
  • You have a nutritional solution- Without A Doubt…
  • You know when to change that protocol- Without A Doubt… &
  • You know when to stop that protocol- Without A Doubt…

Patients are looking for someone to keep them WELL not just order tests for more preventative drugs.

Gregory Peterson, DC. DABCL FIAMA. FIACA, CCST i a chiropractor, chiropractie internist, certified chiropractic acupuncturist, clinician, clinical consultant and lecturer. He has completed over 400 hours of specialized training as a chiropractic internist and 350 hours of kinesiology training. He also draws on his diverse education in chemistry, physiology, nutrition and the health care field to offer a fresh, innovative approach to health. He applies up-to-date scientific and medically documented methods to bring you the latest and best information, procedures techniques and treatment protocols.

My Mission with Health Kaizen: to provide the highest quality educational seminars, webinars, patient informational materials, as well as make available to practitioner’s sources for the highest quality supplements, lifestyle information, and sources of useful information.

- Dr. Gregory W. Peterson, DC, DABCI, CCST, FIAMA

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