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The focus and mission of Health Kaizen is to improve the quality of life in the individuals we have the privilege of serving.

“Kaizen” is the continuous movement and is a nod to our long-term approach to health. With small, incremental changes in the body’s processes, we’re working toward optimizing your health safely, effectively, and naturally.


Engage with your patients’ portals, access monthly seminars and research articles, glean from clinical consults, brainstorm with like-minded practitioners, and view presentations from fellow healthcare professionals.


View and learn from regular videos posted by Dr. Peterson as well as blogs. Some videos will be short and information dense and others will be longer, educational videos with downloadable notes diving deeper into pertinent topics like cancer, chronic illness, and much more. Access a chat room to share thoughts and ask questions and view transformation videos from patients like you.


Locate a doctor and view free educational material.


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We are on a mission to help those with chronic illness regain, maintain, and the enhance the quality of their lives for this generation as well as those to come: safely, effectively and naturally

- Dr. Gregory W. Peterson, DC, DABCI, CCST, FIAMA

Healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing or stray from our bodies’ natural processes.

At Health Kaizen, we focus on optimizing medicine to secure the highest level of health and wellness for our patients. We seek to share that knowledge and passion with other practitioners to spread the wealth of knowledge and enhance the field of medicine as naturally as possible.

With doctor and patient portals to engage and inform as well as information for the general public, we’re doing our part to optimize health.

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  • Patient Portal
  • Educational Videos for Patients
  • Educational Seminars for Practitioners
  • Practitioner Consults
  • Chat Room for Patients
  • Chat Room for Doctors
  • Value Packed Blogs
  • Transformation Testimonials
  • Access to Educational Files & Research
  • Practitioner Presentations
  • Doctor Locator
  • Free Educational Material

About Us

Health Kaizen is an extension of the services of Dr. Gregory Peterson.

The goal is to inform, educate, and assist patients in living the highest quality of life available to them. We partner with like-minded health practitioners to further the cause of natural healthcare. By digging to the root of the health issue and finding balance in the body, we’re passionately pursuing the optimization of healthcare from the inside out.


The articles listed below are available as PDF downloads by clicking on each button.

Join us in your optimizing health journey.


About Dr. Gregory Peterson

Hello friends, thank you for taking the time to check out my website and learn more about me and what I have to offer you as a holistic healthcare practitioner. I draw on my diverse education in chemi  . . .

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Welcome to Health Kaizen

Welcome to the Health Kaizen website. This is a space built in an effort to aid healthcare providers, patients, and the general public in living life to their fullest potential by optimizing their phy  . . .

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Nutrition is a quickly-changing field and if we as practitioners do not keep up with those changes, we will be left in the dark as our patients seek preventative care from other providers. Dr. Peterson is one to keep up on the emerging field of clinical nutrition to help the practitioners and patients he serves.

- Dr. Zachary Watkins, The Livewell Clinic

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